ROI Roadworx Sound Masking Solution

Calculate your Return-on-Investment by using the proven sound masking system calculator below and maximise your company profits based on simple office information. Sound Masking offers an innovative, simple and intelligently designed solution to the problem of speech privacy by reducing distractions and increasing productivity. To address this problem and create a sound level to become more efficient and uniform.

Discover how you can cut down the overall costs of expensive construction due to improved fit-out flexibility and a reduced radius of distraction providing you with a significant return-on-investment through increased employee productivity.
Ambient noise distractions exist in numerous industries and working situations, either due to excessive noise or environments that are too quiet. Both conditions can result in negative effects and unproductive workplaces:

  • Decreased productivity, especially for complex tasks
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Increased illness.

With the Roadworx Sound Masking system, installation costs can be reduced by $30 per square metre. Our team at MadisonAV can build and design sound masking solutions to suit individual spaces and environments.

Who benefits from Sound Masking

  • Financial Services – Preventing unauthorised access to personal information
  • Offices – Improves speech privacy between offices and raises the acoustic comfort level of open-plan offices
  • Health Care – Improves the acoustic neutrality of spaces and confidentiality during consultations
  • Insurance – To prevent privacy and security issues when you talk with your customers
  • Hotels – Improves privacy between rooms, in the lobby and conference areas
  • Governments – Improves comfort and confidentiality in closed and open office configurations
  • Institutional – Improves productivity and overall acoustic comfort
  • Call Centers – The best solution to restrict the propagation of noise in open spaces
  • Architects & Designers – Sound masking systems solve acoustic issues without sacrificing design aesthetics
  • General Contractors – Eliminates or reduces the need for plenum barriers, insulation and extra drywall layers
  • Professional Services – Simple and effective solution for confidentiality and protection of your clients confidential information.

Calculate your investment below and learn how much you can save.

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