SpinetiX ARYA is here

ARYA is the new cloud-based digital signage software from SpinetiX that combines content management and distribution for digital signage applications.
Perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs, SpinetiX ARYA gives you the ability to deliver diverse content to any number of screens at any time, from anywhere and from any device.
Create your own digital signage communication with  your own logos, images, videos, text and other multimedia.

ARYA offers the following services

Content storage
Content optimization (transcoding, resizing)
Content distribution over public networks
Monitoring the status of compatible digital signage players
Configure/setup compatible players
Online promotion and purchase of services (subscription to plans, purchase of feature/product licenses)
Activation of secure data channels to 3rd party services (social media, file hosting)
Email notifications for promotions
Terms changes and support

*Software is free. Purchase of a signage player (DiVA) is required to send content to a screen.