Induction Loop Systems

Inductive loop systems: Inductive transmission of audio signals directly to personal hearing devices – acoustic accessibility and inclusion in public areas

Using an inductive loop system, wearers of hearing-aids can pick up the signals emitted by electric/electronic audio sources (microphone or hi-fi systems) directly in their hearing aids or CI systems. As a result, they hear the sound without any annoying background noise, echo or reverberation. An outstanding advantage of using induction loop systems: no special receivers are required. All that’s needed is the hearing aid.

The AUDIOropa portfolio comprises inductive loop systems for the supply of audio signals for various range sizes – large and small.

Infrared Transmission Systems

Infrared audio transmission directly to personal hearing devices: interference-free and safe - even for use in confidential areas

Apart from the home environment, in which the wireless reception of audio signals via infrared light has long since become a popular alternative to the corresponding radio-frequency transmission systems, this technology proves superior to all other transmission methods for certain professional applications.

This applies in particular to venues and facilities, in which the confidentiality of the information exchanged there plays a decisive role, for example in courtrooms or conference rooms, and areas in which several transmission systems are operated parallel to one another in neighbouring rooms, such as in multiplex cinemas or in living quarters within social facilities.

In addition, infrared audio transmission systems have proven very valuable in schools and universities, in large auditoriums with partial signal cover­age or in city centres where there is a very high amount of radio-frequency emissions in a multitude of frequencies.

RF Transmission System

Mobile communication at the highest level: tour guidance, team communication, information


The AUDIOropa portfolio of wireless transmission systems concentrates on professional portable applications for business, leisure, sports and education. These include guided tours for visitors, multilingual simultaneous interpreting and team communication.Xepton, the highly versatile, portable 2.4 GHz tour guide and communication system, is designed precisely for its core applications. It is heavy-duty in  design and suitable for use in harsh environments.

Consistently following AUDIOropa’s guiding principle, Xepton includes hearing impaired people, hearing aid users and wearers of cochlear implants into the hardware concept. The receivers can be equipped with neckloops for direct inductive transmission to the hearing aid. Audio amplifying receivers with audio output jacks are also available, to which earphones or headphones can be connected.