Product Overview

Electronically Locates & Automatically Steers Toward The Talker

Freedom of Movement • Works at long range • Suppresses Interfering Sounds • Headset Quality WIthout the Headset

The combination of these innovations allows the Voice Tracker to have extremely long pick up range. The ability to “hear” talkers throughout an entire room results in a strong economic advantage over the alternative of using several conventional microphones, coupled together through a mixer.


The magic in the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker™ array microphone resides in the algorithms running on its internal DSP that enable it to form a listening beam and automatically and electronically steer that beam towards the active talker. This creates spatial filtering, which when combined with the 6 or 8 always on microphones in the array, create pickup ranges of 30 feet with a 360° field of view.

It is certified with programs including Zoom, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and many others.

The Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone Technology

Voice Tracker™ array microphones incorporate 4 important technology innovations