AMX Product DXLink 4K60 Fiber Input/Output Boards and Endpoints

New DXLink 4K60 Fiber Input/Output Boards and Endpoints

We are thrilled to share that four new AMX DXLink 4K60 Fiber input/output (I/O) boards and
endpoints are now available to extend the world’s most secure 4K60 4:4:4 distance transport
switching solution. These boards and endpoints accompany the 4K60 twisted pair boards and
endpoints and Enova DGX enclosures released previously.

These fiber boards and endpoints deliver the highest quality, true 4K video signal over the
longest distances, with the most secure transmission available. The Enova DGX 100 series is
the only matrix switcher able to transmit 4K60 4:4:4 video end-to-end over fiber, twisted-pair,
and HDMI in a range of enclosure sizes without the requirement for multiple cable runs.

The solution is perfect for government, large campus and high security installations and is easy
to install and configure. And, all of the new boards and endpoints work seamlessly with any of
AMX’s existing Enova DGX 100 Series Enclosures (8×8, 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64).

4K60 Fiber Boards and Endpoints:

  • DGX-I-DXFP-4K60 – DGX DXLink 4K60 Fiber Input Board Details
  • DGX-O-DXFP-4K60 – DGX DXLink 4K60 Fiber Output Board Details
  • DXFP-TX-4K60 – DXLink 4K60 HDMI Fiber Transmitter Module Details
  • DXFP-RX-4K60 – DXLink 4K60 HDMI Fiber Receiver Module Details.

4K60 Twisted Pair Boards and Endpoints:

  • DGX-I-DXL-4K60 – DGX DXLink 4K60 Twisted Pair Input Board Details
  • DGX-O-DXL-4K60 – DGX DXLink 4K60 Twisted Pair Output Board Details
  • DX-TX-4K60 – DXLink 4K60 HDMI Twisted Pair Transmitter Module Details
  • DX-RX-4K60 – DXLink 4K60 HDMI Twisted Pair Receiver Module Details.

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