Matthew Keegan, a partner in Artesian Hospitality, the developer of the attraction explains: “Cali Beach is a first of its kind, with its pools, outdoor deck areas, and cabanas, all with ocean views. There are multi restaurant options, a beach volleyball court, and outdoor cinema and more.

It’s more than an adult party venue, it’s ideal for a wide range of ages and demographics, from morning until deep into the night. That said, the club offering is compelling: we have DJs booked every single weekend, and a superior audiovisual offering as well. The upbeat party atmosphere is something else under the stars.”

Matthew’s company runs half a dozen of the Gold Coast’s top nightclubs and restaurants, so he was well aware of the audio challenges involved in running open-air parties in the middle of a high-rise precinct. “We have neighbours right at our doorstep but no walls or roof that traditionally assists in containing noise. So we had to work very hard from an acoustic engineering perspective to make sure we had correct placement and the correct style of loudspeaker system in order to mitigate dispersion, but maximise the quality of the sound within the venue, which is absolutely critical to the customer experience.”

Meeting the Challenge

To meet that challenge, Artesian Hospitality called on its trusted AV supplier The Prestige Group. General Manager Nathan Wright was quick to recognise that speaker selection would be key. “Getting very tight pattern control; making it sound great; and weatherproofing — given we’re right next to the beach — were the three crucial elements,” he recalls.

“JBL ticked all the boxes. Its weatherproof range of speakers are designed for these harsh environments, the range has the right SPL specifications for the project, and the JBL product range has all of the speaker dimensions, dispersion characteristics and frequency responses that we needed.”

“The beauty of the JBL product range is there’s a speaker for every eventuality,” Nathan Wright says. “Predominantly we used a combination of CBT column and AWC full-range coax speakers, they combined seamlessly to create the right experience for everyone.

“MadisonAV, in partnership with JBL, were great. They helped us with the 3D modelling and in recommending speakers. They were here through the whole process to answer any questions. And it put everyone at ease having the team from Madison on board to help support us during the installation process.”

Crown CDI series amplifiers, along with BSS processing and BLU Link networking were chosen for processing and amplification duties. “We’re running about 40 different channels of audio output zones here, and it’s just one Ethernet cable linking between the amplifiers. That makes life from a patching and installation point of view just so much easier,” Nathan Wright observes.

The Harman Solution

There are around 80 loudspeakers in the Cali Beach project, many operating in nearfield mode to restrict spill outside the venue. The final lineup demonstrates the versatility of the CBT and AWC range:

  • Outdoor Cinema: left and right arrays of JBL CBT70J-1 + 70JE-1 along with four AWC15LF low frequency drivers below the screen
  • Main DJ Area: CBT70J-1 + 70JE-1’s with a narrow pattern as the main left and right PA, along with four AWC15LF mounted on a circular truss providing bass support, and an additional pair of AWC82 as rear fill
  • Cabanas: a pair of AWC62 able to select local, TV or sitewide DJ sources
  • Bars & Booths: stereo pairs of JBL AWC82 all-weather full-range enclosures
  • Pool Area: stereo pair of JBL-CBT-1000 along with AWC-82s as fill
  • Crown CDI-BLU link Amplifiers plus a BSS BLU-DA Dante Bridge

Cali Beach partner Matthew Keegan is quick to praise both the sound and the installation. “We’ve been very happy with JBL,” he said. “It’s been an extremely smooth experience dealing with both Prestige and MadisonAV. They were tasked with something that was pretty challenging, and we’re very happy with the results.”

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