AUDIOropa Cross:Talk Set

Part #: HT A-5815-0

  • Cross:Talk with LA-70 Loop Amp and Counter Loop
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    • Overview

    AUDIOropa Cross:Talk Set

    Set Includes:

    • 1 x Cross:Talk
    • 1 x LA-70 Loop Amp
    • 1 x Counter Loop

    Cross:Talk Features:

    • DSP-based signal processing
    • No clicking noises in the loudspeakers due to push buttons
    • Automatic functions: Volume adjustment according to the respective meeting distance, reduction of ambient noise
    • Three switchable volume levels
    • Connection of the units via a single cable
    • Mains power LED

    LA-70 Digital Loop Amplifier Features:

    • Small but powerful, the class-D loop driver LA-70 is made for setting up a loop system for smaller areas like information booths, bank counters and cash areas.
    • The slim size of the device allows for for hidden installation and placement within confined spaces.
    • The maximum area which can be covered is an impressive 40m².

    Small »Cross-the-Counter« Induction Loop Features:

    • The small »Cross-the-counter« induction loop has been designed to supply induction loop signals to small areas, such as individual service points or reception desks.
    • The system is installed – generally underneath the table top – using adhesive clamps with a space requirement of approx. 35 x 35 cm.

    Exempt from GST under exemption code R11

    • Specifications
    Power supply: 12 V DC / 1,5 A
    Power consumption: ≤ 5 W
    Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 90 dB
    Frequency response: 20 Hz - 16 kHz
    Temperature range: -10 °C - 55 °C
    Air humidity: ≤ 90% rF (not condensing)
    Connectors: Mains connection, unbalanced audio output, RJ45 (without function), external call station
    Housing colour: Silver
    Dimensions / weight: Internal unit: 160 x 95 x 46.5 mm / 0.44 kg
      External unit: 102 x 83 x 24 mm / 0.2 kg

    LA-70 Technical Specifications:

    Power supply: 180 - 265 V AC, 50/60 Hz 10 VA
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 100 x 50 x 21 mm
    Weight: 78g
    Output power of the inductive loop system max. 20 W, RMS 2,1 A at 1 kHz, peak output current 3,5 A
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