Phoenix Audio – Stingray


The MT700 Stingray Distributed Array Mixer is an eight-channel – four microphone / four line input – automatic DSP (digital signal processing) mixer for installed room applications. Its proprietary daisy-chain protocol allows you to extend the number of supported inputs up to a maximum of 60.

The MT700 Stingray is networkable and can be controlled using any device – PC, tablet, smart phone, etc. – residing on the same local area network.

The mixer features its own SIP client and supports USB, SIP, and analog communication for use with VoIP, SIP client, and video conferencing codec solutions. The MT700 Stingray offers proprietary echo-canceling, noise-suppression, distributed-array beamforming, AGC, and automatic mixing technologies from Phoenix Audio Technologies.



Daisy Chaining
The ability to connect multiple units together to work as a single system. This enables larger coverage and scalability.

Dual Connectivity
Offering multiple interfaces in a single product. This feature allows the use of one product in a room that requires multiple connectivity options (audio and video conferencing).

The ability to connect two calls from different interfaces simultaneously, making your video conferencing participants able to speak with your audio conferencing participants as well as yourself through your device.

Direction Finding
The ability to recognize the direction of the person speaking in the room.

The ability to steer the directionality of the device’s microphones. Beamforming improves noise and echo cancelling as well as the overall quality of the device’s pickup. This feature works in conjunction with direction finding.

Wall Mountable
This product supports a mounting system that allows you to mount it directly to the wall (most commonly behind the monitor).

Controls On The Device
4-Button Directional Pad and LCD Screen on Device

Online Web GUI Accessed through Network

PHNX Connect: Controller App

Powering Options
External 18V Power Supply – Regional Specific


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