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JBL MTC-200BB6 – MTC-200BB6 Backcan Premium 0.5 Cubic Foot Cylindrical Backcan

Part #: JBL MTC-200BB6

Backcan for Control 227C & CT. Round with extra-thick 16-gauge steel and heavy-duty 1/2" MDP…

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JBL MTC-300BB12 – 3 Cubic Ft. Backbox for Control 300 Series 12 in. Drivers

Part #: JBL MTC-300BB12

Best-in-Class Three Cubic Foot Back Box for 12” Models. Rectangular with Extra-Thick 16 Gauge Metal…

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JBL MTC-300BB8 – 1 Cubic Ft. Backcan for Control 300 Series 8 in. Drivers

Part #: JBL MTC-300BB8

One Cubic Foot Back Box for 8” Models. Round with Extra-Thick 16 Gauge Metal and…

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JBL MTC-300SG12 – Square Grille for Control 300 Series 12 in. Drivers

Part #: JBL MTC-300SG12

Contemporary Square Grille for 12” Models. Fashionable Upscale Look, White, Metal, 16.3” x 16.3” x…

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JBL MTC-300T150 – 150 Watt Transformer

Part #: JBL MTC-300T150

150 Watt Transformer for Higher Output from a 70V or 100V System. Use with Non-T…

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JBL MTC-48TRx12 – Tile Rail for 4′ x 4′ Ceiling Tiles

Part #: JBL MTC-48TRX12

Tile rails for using many of JBL's ceiling speaker in 1200 mm (48 in) ceiling…

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JBL MTC-8124C – C-Ring for 8124 Loudspeakers

Part #: JBL MTC-8124C

C-ring for 8124, for installations requiring C-ring to spread ceiling loading. Integral clips for optional…

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JBL MTC-8128C – C-Ring for 8128 Loudspeakers

Part #: JBL MTC-8128C

C-ring for 8128 (Priced as each, sold in packages of 4 pcs (for 4 speakers)

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JBL MTC-81BB8 – Pre-Install In-Ceiling Backcan

Part #: JBL MTC-81BB8

Pre-Install backcan for 8138, 7.4 liter, 7"H x 11-3/4" dia, 11-1/4" mounting circle, 16 gauge…

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JBL MTC-81TB8 – Pre-Install In-Ceiling Tile Bridge for Pre-Install Backbox

Part #: JBL MTC-81TB8

Tile Bridge for MTC-81BB8 backcan, 19 gauge steel with e-coating (priced as each, sold in…

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JBL MTC-CBT-70T-WH – Bolt-On Transformer Module for CBT70J-1, CBT70JE-1 – White

Part #: JBL MTC-CBT-70T-WH

Bolt on Transformer Module to allow CBT70J-1 or CBT70JE-1 Speaker to be used on 70V/100V…

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JBL MTC-RAIL – Tile rail for 8124 4″ and 8128 8″ in-ceiling loudspeakers


Tile rails for 8124, 8128 (requires MTC-8124C or MTC-8128C c-rings) or for C42C speaker (with…

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JBL MTC-RG6/8 – Round Grille for Control 200 and Control 300 Series

Part #: JBL MTC-RG6-8

*Previously MTC-300RG8*. Contemporary Round Grille for Control 227C/CT 6.5” and 328C/CT 8” Models”. Fashionable Upscale…

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JBL MTC-SG6/8 – Square Grille for Control 200 and Control 300 Series

Part #: JBL MTC-SG6-8

Contemporary Square Grille for Control 200 & 300 Series 6.5” Medium-Format and 8” Large-format Coaxial…

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JBL MTC-TB6/8 – Tile Bridge for Control 200 and Control 300 Series

Part #: JBL MTC-TB6-8

Tile Bridge for Medium (C227C & C227CT) and Large (C328 & C328CT) Format Ceiling Speakers.…

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