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SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise Cloud-Based Visual Communication Solution Software 1 Year Subscription


1 year subscription per player 10+ users Storage based on your needs Unlimited displays Editable…

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SpinetiX DSOS Operating System Permanent Licence for HMP400 Compatibility – KIOSK Mode


Permanent DSOS Licence for HMP400 Compatibility Elementi and HTML5 and KIOSK Features

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SpinetiX Elementi M

Part #: SX-SW-EL-M1

Save time, reduce costs, and streamline projects, Role based content editing and publishing is a…

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SpinetiX Elementi S

Part #: SX-SW-EL-S

Just ?drag & drop? media, adjust the timeline, and your project is done

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SpinetiX Elementi X

Part #: SX-SW-EL-X

All in one digital signage tools for ultimate professionals

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