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AKG CSX CU50 – Storage and charging case

Part #: AKG 6500H00170

The CSX CU50 flight-case charger can store and charge up to 50 CSx IRR10 infrared…

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AKG CSX IRT4 – 10 channel infrared transmitter +/-60°

Part #: AKG 6500H00220

IR radiator flood/ 10 channel infrared transmitter with +/-60° radiation angle

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Phoenix Quattro

Part #: PHOE MT340

Designed for use with the MT304, the Quattro3 Power Hub MT340 is a small unit…

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Phoenix Quattro 48V AC-DC International Power Adaptor

Part #: PHOE MT320

Quattro3 48V AC/DC Power Adaptor International Socket Kit 110V ~220V

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Stem Control


10 inch display Power over Ethernet (PoE) SIP enabled dial pad Three mounting options: Lay…

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Stem HUB

Part #: STEM HUB1

Acts as main brain when multiple units are in the same room Power over Ethernet…

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