The Benefits

Productivity Gains

Independent studies show a 5-10% increase in productivity with properly implemented adaptive sound masking, making undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. The result: employees are less distracted, they are able to concentrate better, and their productivity rises measurably!


Adaptive Sound Masking technology is a unique feature, automatically adjusting the noise level to provide continuous comfort levels for inhabitants of the space. Background noise is increased during very active periods, and is more discreet when the area is quieter.


Closing the door to an office no longer guarantees speech privacy. Sound Masking can help by making voices unintelligible outside of, and between meeting spaces, creating a completely confidential workplace.

Cost Savings

Sound masking is one of the most cost-effective ways a business can reduce unwanted distractions and increase speech privacy. Sound masking in a workplace provides a significant return-on-investment through increased employee productivity while also providing cost savings in fit-out construction

MadisonAV designs and supplies sound masking solutions to suit individual spaces and environments, using our suite of Roadworx Sound Masking products. Roadworx Sound Masking offers an innovative, simple and intelligently designed solution to the problems of speech privacy and acoustic distractions.

With a full product suite on offer we have the right system to match your sound masking needs, consisting of:

  • Controllers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Volume Control Sensors
  • Management Software